Road Test Waiver information

We are often asked, what does getting a Road Test Waiver mean?

We state: “Successful completion of the course results in a New York State road test waiver that combined with a NY State Motorcycle Learner’s permit will yield your motorcycle license endorsement.”

This means if you complete and pass the course, you will be issued a course completion card. You will then bring that card along with your license and learner’s permit (if you have one) to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you do not already have a motorcycle learner’s permit, you must get one at that time (by taking a DMV written 25-question multiple choice test) before you can use your waiver.

Once you have: an automobile driver’s license, a motorcycle learner’s permit and your course completion card, you fill out an DMV application to amend your license and add the motorcycle endorsement without any further testing. You do have to pay DMV a fee (currently $12.50) to amend your license but once they have all of that, they will issue you a temporary license on the spot with your motorcycle endorsement added to your current license class. Most motorists have class ‘D’ for driver’s license and come away from DMV with class ‘DM’ for driver’s and motorcycle license. You will receive your photo ID permanent license from DMV in the mail in about 2 weeks.

Please contact us if you have any questions.