Gift Certificates

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for the following (to take lessons you must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid New York State DMV Motorcycle Learner’s Permit):

$350 Gift Certificate (MSF Basic RiderCourse)

For the beginning rider or someone who wants a full refresher course, our MSF Basic RiderCourse. Includes 18 hours of training – 3 hour online learning component (eCourse), 5 hours in the classroom and 10 hours on the motorcycle. This class is given over 3 days. Successful completion of this class including passing both the written knowledge test and riding skills evaluation yields a completion card good to waive the NY State motorcycle road test.

$150 Gift Certificate (Experienced Rider Course BRC2)

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic RiderCourse 2 (BRC2), formerly known as the Experienced RiderCourse, is a one-day course for riders with basic skills, this class provides more in-depth riding techniques and procedures than practiced in the BRC. The course consists of activities that emphasize personal risk management and self-assessment strategies, and on-cycle exercises with emphasis in cornering, braking and swerving. Prerequisites: A valid motorcycle permit, license, or endorsement. Riders must provide their own street-legal and safe motorcycle.

$545 Gift Certificate (Novice Rider Package)

For the beginning rider, our deluxe Novice Rider package. Includes five one-on-one 60-minute lessons (the first lesson is 90 minutes) and everything that’s in the Road Test Package.

$300 Gift Certificate (Road Test Package)

For riders with a minimum of six months street experience, our Road Test package. We will schedule the motorcycle road test for you and give you a 60 minute one-on-one lesson on our motorcycle (helmet and gloves provided). Included is additional practice the day of the road test and a car and instructor. We provide all the vehicles you need for the test.

$190 Gift Certificate (Street Rider)

Two 60 minute one-on-one lessons (motorcycle/helmet/gloves provided). Our Street Rider package emphasizes improving cornering ability, crash avoidance techniques, street skills and on-road riding. Includes two one-on-one lessons that are each one hour long. Your first lesson will consist of cornering exercises and crash avoidance techniques. Your second lesson will consist of street skills practice and actual on-road riding. This package includes use of one of our training motorcycles for all training sessions. Our street rider package is for riders who already know how to start, stop, shift and turn but feel they would benefit from additional cornering practice and on-street riding.

$250 Gift Certificate

Use this gift certificate for any of our courses or packages.

$100 Gift Certificate

Use this gift certificate for any of our courses or packages.

$50 Gift Certificate

Use this gift certificate for any of our courses or packages.

NOTE: All lessons are given by New York State Certified Instructors with the Big Apple Motorcycle School. We have the experience and expertise to bring you to the next level of riding skill and proficiency.

All of our rates include use of our training motorcycle, a helmet and gloves if needed. We do have Paperwork and Gear Requirements for your safety and comfort. If you have additional questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions, or check out our Information on all our riding packages for more information or call us at 516-639-9977.